Student Support

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Learning Support
The Student Support Team works collaboratively with class teachers and parents to provide learning support for children with disabilities as well as children with various learning needs and difficulties. The team meets weekly and consists of the Principal, Support Teacher: Inclusive Education, Guidance Counsellor and Curriculum Teacher. Class teachers use a referral process to the Student Support Team when there are concerns regarding a student and are invited, along with parents, to the meetings where student progress and development is monitored. Parents requiring support for their children make requests through the class teacher.

Learning support is further provided through:
  • School officer support in the classroom or withdrawal to the Activities Room for focused teaching programs
  • BCE professionals as well as community professionals such as Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Advisory Visiting Teacher: Physical Impairment
  • Program development from professional assessments
  • Collaboration with community services such as Autism Queensland Outreach Service, Cerebral Palsy League Qld., Downs Syndrome Association Qld.
  • Indigenous Literacy and Numeracy funded programs
  • Educational Adjustment Profiles (EAP), Individual Education Plans (IEP) and Individual Learning Plans (ILP)
  • Reading Assistant Program (RAP)
  • Multi-Lit Program
  • Comprehensive transition from Primary to Secondary, year level to year level for children with disabilities
  • Data to track student learning across the whole school
  • Provision for structured lunchtime activities in the Activities Room
  • School Garden
Guidance Counsellor
The Guidance Counsellor offers support to staff, children and their families and provides a service two days a week, which includes psycho-educational assessments, case management and counselling. The Guidance Counsellor also provides professional development to staff in the area of Student Protection and support to children through implementation of an anti-bullying program.
Literacy & Numeracy Support
The purpose of my position is to assist in the co-ordination of our school’s literacy and numeracy program. I hope to support both at the school and classroom levels for the purpose to improve the student outcomes in Literacy. St Mary’s is situated within the Australian Government National Partnership’s program, which means we have this wonderful opportunity to work as a staff and community to improve on the job we all do to teach and assist in the learning of the children at our school. I am very excited at the prospect of our success and the journey we will take together to arrive there.
In term three we are continuing to work with the teachers in their planning. Our focus remains on Reading with 2 comprehension Programmes being introduced into Year 2 through to year 6. Springboards Comprehension is the choice we went with in the early years whilst CARS and STARS is what we will work with in the upper years.
As we continue to encourage children to read we are also aiming to increase their Reading stamina. For some children it is tricky to remain focussed on reading a text for very long. It is easy to develop habits during a quiet session of reading, with our emphasis being on increasing that tolerance and focus when we have guidelines to follow and abide by – our prompts on moments of success have the greatest effect.
Many children have been taking part in the Premier’s Reading Challenge as well as the MS Read a thon. Congratulations to these children and the families who are also supporting these worthwhile causes
For any details about what is happening in our school, please do not hesitate to make contact with me.
Jenny Elmer