The Crest

​​​​​​Our new Crest was created in 2020 to identify and reflect our rich history, connection to our church and founding orders. Through our shared vision, St Mary's is committed to building a strong faith community, guided by the Gospel values of Service, Courage and Justice.

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Looking to the future, both St Mary's Primary and College are working together, to integrate advanced learning pathways for the benefit of student’s educational growth, from Prep right through to Year 12. Embracing the benefits of separate campuses, the two entities are joined not only by faith but also in the shared goal of strengthening the Maryborough Community in providing excellent learning opportunities for their students.​

Frequently asked Questions

Why was the Crest changed?​​

The redesign of the crest has been discussed for a number of years, The St Mary's Community expressed a desire to unify the Parish, Primary and College together under a single Identity Logo/Crest and this new Crest is the final approved design.​

Who designed the new Crest?​​​​

A committee was formed to coordinate the redesign, all members of the Parish, Primary and College as well as the broader catholic community were invited to join the committee. Design ideas were also invited from all these areas of the catholic community, with elements from many submitted designs considered. The final design was created by the BCE design team in collaboration with the St Mary's Redesign Committee.

Will this affect current uniforms?

No, Current St Mary's uniforms will remain unchanged and there will not be any requirement for purchasing newly branded items at this point.

When will uniforms be changed?

There are future plans to unify the St Mary's uniform across both the Primary school and College. This will be undertaken in consultation with all parents. At this stage we are unsure when this process will start and how long it will take.

Why do I still see the old Crest on some items and on the uniforms?

The Parish, Primary and College are all adopting the new Crest from now onwards, however the changing of branded items such as buildings, paperwork and uniforms etc. will take some time and will be coordinated in a gradual manner.

What do the symbols on the Crest represent?​

When considering the new design, each original Crest from the Parish, Primary and the College was reviewed and significant commonality within each was selected, images of the Bible, Lamp of Knowledge, Celtic Cross and the Star of Mary were symbols tied to the values of our founding orders who first offered a Catholic education to this community and have been part of the Crests and church image for the last 50 years.​​

Please view the above details of each symbol included in the new crest design​




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